After being a student at UK for a few weeks, there are a few things that I just don’t understand…

Dear UK students:

  • If you look like you’re dressed to go to a nightclub, probably isn’t going to be the best idea to wear the same thing to class. People will think you haven’t changed from the night before. And no, I won’t take you seriously.
  • Wearing shorts with an inseam of less than 2 inches won’t earn you any respect either. Really, nobody wants to see your tush while walking to class. Cover it up.
  • The same goes for any body part that you would cover up when going to visit your Grandparents. Respect for yourself people. Really.
  • Fur backpacks…yes they exist. No you shouldn’t own one.
  • Tights are meant to be worn UNDER something. They aren’t pants. Your underwear will show, meaning your entire backside is exposed to the entire campus. Classy.
  • Spandex and rainboots? Really?
  • Incessantly debating the professor during lecture. You’re the student, he’s the expert. Zip your lips, and listen. Nobody wants to hear your rants.

That’s all for now. I’m continually amazed at the things I’ve seen. But overall my experience has been amazing, and I love being a Wildcat. 😀



One response to “Observations…

  1. DANG. I think maybe the EKU students branch off from UK. The 2.5 days I was there… this list pretty much sums it up of what I experienced. I just wore my jeans and tees. Simple as that. 😀

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