I’m back from a fantastic vacation. 😀 It’s good for the soul to sit on a beach with a good book. I’m currently visiting Mr. Mosley for most of the week, but wanted to post these two things I found on pinterest…

I literally laughed out loud when I read this, because it’s so me. I just don’t think I’d ever use one of those readers. I’m partial books. And I always have at least one with me, no matter where I am.

Confession…this is also true. I’m re-reading the Potter series, because well it’s a summer thing. Every summer I have this almost innate desire to delve into the magically intoxicating world of HP. I know, I’m an adult. But really, I don’t care. It’s a nice break from all the classic lit, I usually have my nose in.

Promise to post vacay pictures, and all sorts of other fun things that have been happening soon. I’m trying to soak up as much summer as absolutely possible! Lot’s O’ Love-



One response to “Bookfessions…

  1. Southern Steel

    Right there with you on both of them, Kristen!!!! Especially the first one!! My Mom got a kindle and was going to download books for me, but I told her I would order them myself…in true book form!! I like holding the book and having to turn the page physically instead of pressing a button. As for the second one, I won’t be buying any of the things mentioned, but my Harry Potter books sure are gonna be worn out by the time I’m 30!! I’ve done read every last one of ’em over 3 times each! haha Harry Potter Rocks!!! 😀
    -Private Elijah

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