Jake’s “Chopped” Challenge…

Last week I received a phone call from my sweetie. He wanted me to think up 5 random ingredients that he would use to make a meal out of. Apparently, there is a popular television show , Chopped, with a similar theme. Thinking it would be fun to challenge is already amazing cooking abilities, I agreed believing I could honestly stump him. After polling family, friends, and coworkers here’s what I came up with…

I was certain that the cream cheese would be the most difficult thing to use, and I thought the vinegar added a nice random touch to the group. The pictures pretty much tell the story itself…

I was a stickler for time…He had 30 minutes, just like the show.

Prepping the chicken. Please notice the headband Jake’s wearing. He showed up ready to work. Isn’t he funny?

Just as I figured…vinegar and soy sauce marinade…I mean, really what else are you going to do with that stuff?

Yep…makes sense…

This was where he lost me. Looks like french toast. Just when I thought he’d ventured into the deep end of the crazy pool, this surprising twist, ended up being a delightful surprise.

Creating his masterpiece…

At this point, I was still clueless as to how it was all going to come together.

Maddie was too tired from our journey to London to do anything but sleep, and look cute.

Starting to come together.

Syrup was the surprise ingredient Jake added himself. I couldn’t believe I was about to eat syrup with chicken. Random.

With only a few minutes left to spare, he presented this…

Not only was it pretty, but it was also really good. I knew that my soon to be hubby was a creative, and excellent cook. But I had no clue he would come up with something so yummy in a short amount of time, with such random ingredients. I was seriously impressed.

We shared this special dish, and we both agreed we would eat it again. 😀 I had so much fun doing this with Jake. It’s fun to watch him go into his “cooking zone,” completely focused on the task at hand. Plus, he looks pretty darn cute in a headband. Although, next time we do this challenge, I’m convinced that gummy  bears will be included…let’s see how Mr. Chef includes that. Haha.


One response to “Jake’s “Chopped” Challenge…

  1. Southern Steel

    Gummy Worms and Hardtack. hahaha 😛 That would be extreamly difficult to use (and eat without breaking your teeth haha)

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