Whirlwind adventure…

Apologies for taking an entire month to update. As usual, life has been crazy, but good. Last Saturday Jake and I decided to take a little road-trip. The important thing to remember is that I worked Friday night, and we left Kentucky not long after I got home Saturday morning, and we came back on Sunday in time for me to, again, head into work…

So, we left Morehead around 0930, after a quick breakfast, and we headed to Columbus, Ohio to see my cousin Bethany for her birthday. (We missed the party later in the day.) I had anticipated sleeping on the trip north, BUT, my finance is amazing, and we were having entirely too much fun to sleep. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take any pictures, because we were only there for about an hour. But I did get to squeeze in some precious time with my sweet cousin who turned 13, making me feel like an old lady. Of course there were the “I can remember hanging out in your Mom’s hospital room at UK while she was in labor with you…” sentiments. Since Bethany and I are the only Porter gals (Grandchildren, anyway) we have a special connection. I love her dearly, and am so proud of the amazing woman she is becoming. So talented, smart, and super pretty.

After we left, we were seriously jet set to Pittsburgh for the Pirates/Red Sox game. Jake drove us into the city, while I managed to squeeze in about an hour or so of sleep. We  had a fantastic dinner before the game at Jake’s favorite restaurant…Primanti Brothers.

Tunnel into downtown Pittsburgh…

My Primanti’s bliss…

After dinner, we parked Jake’s truck close to the convention center, and walked along the Monongahela river to PNC park. As luck would have it, there was a “furry convention” going on in the city, and I just couldn’t resist snapping this picture…

Yes. A mouse and a boy snuggling and watching a river boat. Definitely not something you see everyday. Hilarious. The crazy things people do for fun!

The view from our seats was beautiful. I’ll always have a fond place in my heart for the Pittsburgh skyline…Here’s a few to convince you of its amazing beauty…

The game was fantastic. The Pirates had won the first game of the series the night before, so the energy in the stadium was contagious. It was a record-breaking crowd that night. Jake is a die-hard Boston fan, and naturally I’m an all Pittsburgh gal, so we had a friendly rivalry that made the game even more fun. At one point, around the bottom of the 6th, Boston was starting to make an impressive comeback, and I glanced over to see Jake flip his baseball cap inside out, which he called the “rally cap.”

Isn’t he so darn cute? Man alive I love this guy.

I also had fun playing around with the settings on my trusty Sony Alpha 300. Check out that connection…

In the end my boys the Buccos pulled out a victory. Jake was really disappointed, but he put on a good face for me, and cuddled me while the stadium lights were turned off to watch the fireworks show after the game.

Thankfully, my Gram and Pap Porter live close, so we headed back to Primanti’s (per Jake’s request), where he had a late dinner, while I kept him company. All in all it was an incredible weekend. It went by far too quickly, but it just makes me look forward to all the fun, crazy adventures we will be able to take throughout the rest of our lives. I know with this guy at my side, I’m guaranteed a good time.


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