Not sure what to put here…

So, I found another quote that I really like…

Seriously…Gordon B. Hinckley is my favorite Mormon. Well, next to my best friend Kally. It seems that a quote jumps out at me, then a few seconds after reading it, I realize that ol’ Gordon strikes again. I don’t think this quote could be more true. So many of us pray for a problem to be solved, and while God is always listening, I believe we have to actually do something about it also. It’s the work part that always throws people off.

This weekend is School of Soldier. For all you non-reenactors out there, it’s basically a weekend where the men practice drilling, etc. And the women get to do whatever we want. (I’m so excited.) I’m taking my camera, a book, and some knitting, really does it get any better? I’m glad it’s going to be a low key weekend, because it’s been quite a week. Maddie is going with us this weekend. She’s such a good little camper, but I worry about her getting cold at night, because she’s recently been groomed…Enter the rat dog…

(Notice the bow laying next to Mad dog on the bed. She rips those things out with a vengeance as soon as she gets home.)

She looks so much better, but she literally went from wooly mammoth to rat. I’ll be prepared and take a sweater for her, along with her bed and favorite fleece blanket, but let’s be honest we all know she’ll be in bed with me. Which is totally fine.

I’m glad that this night is coming to an end. I’m excited to see my sweetie, my friends, and to have a relaxing weekend. 😀 I’m sure I’ll have plently of pictures to post next week. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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