A prayer request…and a chicken rant.

I saw this random picture on pinterest (pinterest.com), and laughed because it reminded me of myself. I love skirts, tights, aprons, and fun colored dishes. And although I have never owned chickens, I DESPERATELY WANT A FEW. .

Yes. I want to own chickens. And yes, I know they poop. Everywhere.

Still, I want to name them Henerita, Elinor, and Mabel. My fiance thinks I’m crazy, but at some point in my life, there will be a fancy roost in my backyard.

Anyway, I digress. Today hasn’t been the greatest of days. I got a phone call at 8 o’clock this morning from Dr. Ashmun. Phone calls from doctors first thing in the morning is never a good sign. Of course, I missed her call by mere seconds, and had to wait, not so patiently, an entire half hour, until the main office lines opened up. Naturally, I was concerned. Okay, freaked out. But I managed to keep my cool, and listen to her tell me the results from my colposcopy. I was very calm until she said…

Adenocarcinoma in setu.

Carcinoma? Doesn’t that mean cancer? The dreaded “C” word? She very quickly told me, that NO, I DIDN’T have cancer. That it was actually pre-cursor cells.

Oh great. Pre-cursor cells. As in, pre-cursor to cancer? Begin freak out now.

But, after more conversation she told me that she spoke with 2 pathologists (Yes, 2, because I’m complex like that), and that all parties involved thought that the majority of the cells in question were removed when she biopsied it last week.

Thank the good Lord.

BUT…that she wanted to do a procedure in the OR that would ensure that nothing had infiltrated surrounding tissue. OR? As in OPERATING ROOM? Another word foreign to me. My entire medical history includes wisdom teeth removal, and strep throat. OR? For reals?

I’m thankful that the results weren’t worse. And after spending the majority of the day…

1. In deep concentration and

2. Researching the crap out of this

I’m feeling better, optimistic.  Simple procedure, and hopefully all will be water under the bridge. I will give this entirely to my Lord and Savior, and honestly, who can handle problems better than the creator of the universe? Please say a small prayer that all goes as planned, and no further complications arise.

Love to all! ~KP


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