Early morning light…

One of my favorite things about this time of year is when I finish up work, I can watch the sun come up during my drive home. This morning the lighting was absolutely breathtaking! I stopped in the middle of my driveway to snap a picture with my phone of the sun just peaking out from the horizion, and in minutes I was in our partially frozen field with my pink rainboots, and Hazel, my camera.

These two pictures are my favorites from my impromptu early hour photo session. It’s when I’m laying in the middle of a cold, wet field, happily snapping pictures that I know I’ve found a life long hobby. 😀

Happy Weekend all!


5 responses to “Early morning light…

  1. Cathie Porter

    You are simply amazing~ Wow Kristen, beautiful pic and it holds so many memories for me, these little ….purple…flowers. Thank you for stopping time for just a brief moment for me~

  2. Great shots. The early moring atmoshere makes them!

  3. I love these shots! The lighting, the flowers, the bokeh, everything is just breathtaking! I know what you mean about being in the middle of a cold, wet place and knowing you’ve found something that makes you happy. I feel the same when I’m shooting at the harbor, frozen to the tip of my nose but as happy as I’ve ever been :).

  4. Beautiful shots, Kristen!

  5. kristennporter

    Thanks sooo very much all! 😀

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