A fiesta of random…

Sigh. I know I’ve posted about my love for Fiestaware before. But I unpacked my favorite dishes over the week, and seeing the bright colors, just made me smile all over again.

I know, I know…it’s just dishes. But how can those colors not evoke some sort of emotion? I guess I’m also sort of partial, because they remind me of back home, and all the family members that own these same dishes. It’s sort of funny the crazy things that make you sentimental!

Anyway, I’m at work. It’s already been a long night, and I still have 2.5 hours left. Ahh…I can hear my bed calling my name, and I’m more than ready to snuggle into my soft sheets, and sleep the day away. That’s the thing about working midnights, you tend to sleep literally the entire day away. I hate that part.

Don’t tell my boss, but I just painted my nails. A color called ‘Commander in Chic,’ by Sally Hansen. Who thinks up the nail polish names? I’ll admit sometimes they’re a tad random. Okay, they’re usually incredibly random. Somewhat like this post. It’s random also.

Well…I guess I’m going to sign off. What’s everyone up too this weekend?

P.S. GO CATS. (That’s for Jake, who’s determined to turn me into a b-ball fanatic.) Convincing, right?



One response to “A fiesta of random…

  1. Cathie Porter

    Ok, well, I’m glad you have a love of Fiesta ware, (which you got off of me,..haha), do you remember when I would pull out my pastel colors this time of year with matching fabric place mats? Just for Easter or Springtime. I loved it, but unfortunately I lost them all in the house fire! I think we need to take a trip back home Kristen, you could help me pick out some really vibrant colors! ♥

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