The Pioneer Woman…

On a website that I frequent, the blogger mentioned that she was reading this book. I’m always searching for a good book, but often stick with the classics. I have a certain obsession with Jane Austin, Charlotte Bronte, and basically anything Russian, to name a few. I’m forever trying to work my way through my enormous “to-read” list, but occasionally I’ll divert to something a tad more modern, meaning it’s been written in the last 50 years. Black Heels to Tractor Wheels was released last month, fresh off the presses, and I was so interested in reading it, I splurged and bought it at our local bookstore the day I realized they carried it.

Ree Drummond’s modern love story captivated me so much, that I wasn’t able to put it down the first day I got it. I ended up reading 130 pages, and totally neglected the sewing I had planned for the evening. Her writing style makes the reader feel like you’re engaging in a conversation, and that you’re almost apart of the story. There were quite a few times, that I paused after reading a paragraph and thought, “Whoa, I think in circles like that too…”

Written after being in a car accident after meeting her boyfriends Mother for the first time…

“We’re fine,” his mother said. “We just got a little busy talking.” I was Lucille Ball. Lucille Ball on steroids and speed and vodka. I was a joke, a caricature, a freak. This couldn’t possibly be happening to me. Not today. Not now.

I laughed out loud when I read this passage, the description painted the scene so well. I must add that the author in no way advocates drinking. And aside from a few glasses of wine in the story, there isn’t drinking, language, or even premarital sex mentioned. I was shocked to find a book written in the last 50 years that had such morals! It’s sad to say that it’s a rare find, but that is the reality of our world. And it’s one of the many reasons I read books written 100+ years ago.

Anyway-I wanted to pass along the word to any bookies out there that this one is worth reading. Perfect for snuggling up under a warm blanket, and getting lost in.

Happy Friday all! Have a great weekend!


2 responses to “The Pioneer Woman…

  1. Cathie Porter

    Kristen, just like a good book, you are a rare find! After reading your thoughts for the day, and seeing how you have matured to such a fine young women, one with morals, and such a unique style all your own, and not influenced by the trends or ways of the world, you are your own person,…one that I am so proud to call my daughter! Have a good weekend Sweetheart and thank you for making my life so worth living~ ♥

  2. kristennporter

    That brought tears to my eyes madre. I’m a product of my up-bringing. Thank you for raising me to know that I can be whomever, and whatever I want. Love forever!

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