Okay, so there’s a little background information needed to understand this post completely. Here’s a lame attempt to explain the story, without making it into an entire post itself. The first event of the reenacting season happened last weekend. Jake and I decided to go, despite the fact that nobody else from our group was attending. We found a group to fall in with, set up camp, and were getting ready to start our fire, so we could get dinner cooking, when we were told rather rudely, and with language not proper for most conversation, that we could not have our own fire, that we must share with 15+ others. With temperatures dropping into the 20’s, and also removing our ability to cook any meals, not to mention the rude way we were addressed, we decided to pack everything back up, and head home. We were so angry at having put all the effort into setting up camp, and everything that goes with it, that we decided we probably won’t be attending this event again, unless members from our group attend. It also made me SO GRATEFUL for the amazing group that we reenact with. It’s the people that making living history fun, and I’m go glad our group focuses on honoring our ancestors, and remembering whats really important.  

Anyway, the next night we were still pretty set on cooking a meal in a dutch oven. We are both excited about the season kicking off, so we decided to go ahead and still cook the way we had planned all along. SO…

As we were cutting up chicken and potatoes, and combining everything together (soooo yum, by the way) it started snowing. We were still undeterred, and gathered around the fire with Dad and Denita, laughing about how random we all were.

I had to bust out my cloak. It’s the warmest thing I own, and like I said I’m ready for the season to kick off. Wearing it, just made me want to reenact even more!

Dad and Denita were all smiles, even though I’m sure they thought we were nuts!

The finished meal… MMMM!

And my only slightly burnt cornbread.

All in all, we still made it a super fun weekend, despite having to cancel our original plans. While we were sitting around the fire, watching the dutch ovens do their thing, I couldn’t help but think about how fun this will be with our own kids. I’m thankful to have a fiancé who loves the outdoors as much as I do, now if only I could convince him to let me get chickens! haha.


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