Birthday Sequel…

As promised…here are the pictures from the Sunday following my birthday. This was a celebration with Dad and Denita, who had been in Pittsburgh for the actual event.

It’s super fun having soooo much birthday cake in a few days time. Even though my birthday was on a Thursday this year, I think I was still running on adrenaline/sugar high on Sunday when we busted out the candles one more time. I LOVE that it included a congratulations for our recent engagement. Celebrations…what fun!

Check this look out…Jake and I still in our pj’s, and looking a tad sleepy. Yes, internet, we aren’t afraid to show our morning faces!

This picture makes me laugh, because this is an almost daily occurence at my house. Either my brothers harassing each other, or harassing me. Josh (in the blue) is attempting to put me in some sort of head lock. Either way, I know it’s his way of telling me he loves me. Family, aren’t they amazing?  Oh, and please take note that during this pseudo-wrestling match, my candles are lit and ready to go. Hey, who doesn’t enjoy a little wax with their cake, right?

Dad and Denita’s present for me was my beautiful dressform that I’ve named Ameila…or Millie for short. Mille will have an entire post dedicated to her new presence in our home. She’s sooo useful for sewing, and I’m grateful to have it for dressmaking, etc. But, we’ve also learned that Millie can look quite eerie dressed in my long living history nightgown, standing in a dark doorway. Muhahahaha. The tricks we play.

Again, I’m overwhelmed by all the love I felt on my birthday. My family really knows how to spoil a girl. If I have this kind of treatment to look forward to every year, I don’t think I’ll ever dread getting another year older. It’s really quite silly to fret about such things anyway. So, here’s to another year of health, love, and new adventures. 😀


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