My 24 hour birthday celebration…

I swear I’m not a narcissist. I snapped this picture with my iPhone on my way to work the night before my birthday. You can sort of see my “Kiss Me It’s My Birthday” t-shirt, that I thought I would wear to be funny. (Two of the crazy ladies I work with took it literally and kissed my head. So funny.)

When I got to work, my sweet friend Holly had made me birthday cupcakes…

And had a very sweet card for me. It wasn’t even technically my birthday (hours away from it), and we were already celebrating! Thank goodness calories don’t count on your pre-birthday!

At midnight, much to my surprise, one of the awesome gals I work with came walking out of the break room with a giant cake, complete with candles. It took me by such surprise, for a split second I thought, “Wow, who’s birthday?” Duh, Kristen!

Everyone in the ER sang Happy Birthday, and I soaked up the bliss that always comes with surprises. I later learned that Dr Ravi remembered it was my birthday before he left for work, and stopped and picked everything up on his way in. How very sweet! I am so very lucky to have such amazing co-workers. The cake was absolutely amazing, and again I was thankful that calories don’t count on your actual birthday either!

After work, I ran home for a few quick hours of sleep, before heading off to Lexington with my Mom for a gals day of shopping. While I was waiting for my Mom to meet me, I managed to snap this picture of my socks…

Completely random, I know. But as I sat there in my car, bored out of my mind I thought it would be funny. After all, green is my favorite color, and I’ve always loved shamrocks. Because we were having entirely too much fun, Mom and I didn’t take any pictures on our trip to Lex. But I found the cutest black dress at Kohls, and also a fun green necklace, bracelet, and earrings…perfect for my dinner later that night with Jake. We also went to Target, where I found metal garden markers…I laugh at the things I get excited about. We had lunch at Rafferty’s, and watched some basketball. (Go Eagles!) Then off to Joann’s, where I bought some Sugar and Cream yarn, for an upcoming project. (A corded petticoat! Again…the things that excite me!) And finishing up at Sephora. The makeup mecca, where I stocked up on Bare Minerals, and some other essentials. I also picked up my absolute favorite lip gloss…Smith’s rosebud salve.

If you’ve never used it, I highly recommend it. My only complaint, is that if you leave it somewhere and it isn’t laying flat, and the temperature happens to be warm, then it will melt, and make a hot mess. I keep mine flat in my cup holder, unless I’m carrying it around in a pocket.

Anyway- after we were finished shopping, we headed back to my G-pa and G-ma Kellers for another cake celebration!

Josh and I making goofy faces…

With both of my brothers…

After all the family celebrations were finished, I raced home to shower, and get ready for my date with my stud muffin. And we all remember what happened then…


All in all, it was an absolutely perfect birthday. My Mom really spoiled me, with my new outfit,  jewelry and lunch at my favorite place. Then Jake slipped a beautiful ring on my finger. Really? Are we sure I didn’t dream all this up?

Dad and Denita had been in Pittsburgh during my birthday, and we celebrated when they returned, but unfortunately all the pictures are on their phones, so will have to be posted later. My birthday present from them was a dressform! She arrives tomorrow via UPS, and I’ve already named her Amelia…or Millie for short! Oh the wonderful things I will be working on with Millie! I can hardly wait!

In closing, I booked the church for April 14, 2012…Our wedding date is set! Oh the excitement!


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