Wings and rings…our engagement story!

On March 17, 2011 (my birthday)…


In this post, I want to tell the entire story, complete with pictures! And in the next day or so, I’ll catch the blog up on my birthday, and all the other fun things going on.

So, on Thursday evening, Jake drove to Morehead after work to take me out to dinner for my birthday. I was really looking forward to celebrating my birthday with him, and also with some friends we invited to eat with us. Kally, my best friend (her hubby Kris was out-of-town), my little brother Ryan, and even Greg and Jessica drove all the way from Paintsville to celebrate. I had spent the entire day shopping with Mom in Lexington, and I thought that this would be a great end to a fantastic birthday. I had no clue what Jake had planned!

He came to pick me up, wearing his green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, and looking studly. We tried to convince my brother Josh, and his fiance Keisha to join us, but they were both tired from a long week. So off we went to Buffalo Wild Wings, which I had chosen, because let’s be honest, it’s the best place to eat in Morehead. Kally beat us to the restaurant, and already had a table waiting. The restaurant was sooo crowded. Morehead was a buzz Thursday, because Morehead State had just beaten Louisville in the first game of the NCAA tournament, and the Rowan County boys had also won their first game in the state tourney, not to mention that UK had also won. Quite a day for basketball in this town! Anyway, dinner was fantastic, and I couldn’t help but to feel blessed about sharing my birthday with friends, especially during the middle of the week, which is rare when your friends live in different towns.

Before dinner…I had no clue what Jake would ask me in a few minutes…

After dinner, Kally suggested we have dessert. I happily agreed, who doesn’t have dessert on their birthday? And we agreed to share a hot fudge cake. Not long after we “ordered” our dessert, I noticed that our waiter had sat a cute little round cake in front of Jake, and my heart started to race, when I saw what it said…

In what seemed like a split second, as I looked from the cake to my boyfriend, he went from sitting next to me, to standing with a microphone in his hand. Now, I must pause to say that when we first talked about getting engaged, I told Jake the only thing I really wanted to happen was for him to tell me why he wanted to marry me, and why he loved me, before he asked the big question. Well, Jake definitely did not disappoint…the following is his speech to me…

“Since I’ve been told to make a list of reasons we should marry, I’d have to start when we first kissed, and your love became mine to carry. Then I offered you an amazing title and not long after, we began to talk bridal.

I love the way you laugh at me, even when I fart. I love the way you make me laugh, and I love the beauty in your heart. I love that you drive to see me, even when roads are bad. And when I see your car leaving, it makes me really sad.

I love your family, and your closest kin, they make me feel at home. You’ve converted me from ya’ll to ‘yinz, and made me like the black and gold.

There are so many reasons for you to be mine. And through all the changing seasons the words I’m sure to find. But today is your day to be worry free, and this needs no explanation.

And now I’m here on one knee to ask without hesitation…”

Of course, I said yes, and rushed into his arms for the best hug, and sweetest kiss. Meanwhile, everyone in the restaurant starting clapping and cheering. It was definitely one of those moments where everything feels magical. It almost felt like we were in a movie. I know that probably sounds cheesy, but it really couldn’t have been more perfect.

After we sat back down, I was still so full of emotion! I couldn’t help looking down as we held hands, and admiring my beautiful ring. And I only managed to eat a few bites of the yummy cake, because I was entirely too excited to eat anything!  We sat and soaked up the moment for a while, and again I was overwhelmed by just how truly blessed I felt. To be engaged to your best friend, that person who makes you laugh,  makes you feel beautiful with one look, and is always willing to listen, even if you’re talking in circles (which I do sometimes) is indescribable happiness.

I’m still floating on cloud 9, days later! I’m looking forward to getting started on all the details that go into a wedding. We are planning our wedding for April 14, 2012, and I can’t wait to book the church, and make the date official!

A very very very special THANK YOU to Kally, who helped Jake get everything organized, and made the entire thing go smoothly. And who also took all the wonderful pictures, and even a short video! Love you Gertrude! 😀

Needless to say, it was the perfect ending to the best birthday I’ve ever celebrated! I love you Jake Mosley!


4 responses to “Wings and rings…our engagement story!

  1. Congratulations! You both seem so happy! Glad everything was such a surprise. That makes it so fun. Love the ring, love the cake, love the poem … Love everything.

  2. kristennporter

    Awww…thanks Megan! It was such a surprise! Jake and Kally did a great job getting everything to go so smoothly! 😀

  3. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am for you & Jake. Jake where was you a few years ago? If you had met a few years ago, I may have had my first Great Grand Son or Daughter by now. Beautiful ring and poem Jake. One piece of advice you two, always talk things out when a decsion needs to be made, and if the two of you can’t reach a decision, then Jake you make the final decision. Never argue in front of your children and don’t beat them. I never laid a hand on my four Sons Jake, and I think you have to say that I have four of the best Sons on this earth. Teach and show them love from childhood to adulthood, and you’ll have great Sons or Daughters and be as proud as I am. Instead of whippings, take a privilege away from them. I hate to say it, but my Dad really laid it on to us, and I swore way back when, that my Wife and Children woulde know only love. Teach them while they are youngm that’s when they learn the most and will flourish from those seeds You & Kisten sew, Trust me. Again I am so happy for you both and remember, for as long as I may live, if you ever have a need, call on me. Love Ya, Pap.

  4. PS. Be sure to give my girl Kally a hug from me. I love her and she is the sweetest person, next to my Kristen that I know.

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