I love this scripture. I think it says so much, in just a short sentence. I think it’s really important to remember that God doesn’t care about our looks or accomplishments. Things of this world will pass away.  He cares about our trust, our faith, and our dependence on Him.  I really felt moved to post it tonight, despite the fact that I’m under the influence of a dose of NyQuil, which in the past, has proven to be very dangerous, because I have been known to belt out Little Mermaid songs not long after taking said medication. A nasty sickness has spread through my entire family. First, Dad and Denita had the flu, then Ryan had strep. I feel as if I shouldn’t complain, because my “sickness” is proving to be only a nasty sinus infection. But, I am determined not to have a “Rudolf red nose” for my 28th birthday celebration on Thursday. So…off to bed. I will elaborate more on 1 Peter 3:4 soon. Hope everything is enjoying a great night.


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