All sorts of random…

I’m at work again. Surprise, surprise.

Valentine’s Day was good. Because the actual day was during the week, I celebrated at home with the family, and because I worked the night before, my day mostly consisted of sleeping. I couldn’t think of a better thing do to, after the longest night at work ever.

In the evening, Dad wanted to take Denita and I out for dessert to celebrate. Normally, I would politely decline, because I’ve been really trying to watch my calorie intake and focus on eating healthier. BUT…since it was Valentine’s Day, I decided to cave in. So, Pops and I split this yum-tastic dessert at Renos…

I wasn’t able to get a picture of Denita’s Blondie brownie with ice cream combo, because my phone died, but it looked just as good.

We made it home just in time to see the sun setting, and man alive it was beautiful. I always try to enjoy things like sunsets, because I feel like life makes us so busy, that we forget to enjoy the little things. I have to tell myself, that my to-do list can wait a few minutes, so I can soak in the delightful sunshine, and thank God for allowing me to view it.

This picture really doesn’t do it any justice. It was sooo much better in person.

Today, I slept in. I hate how late I’m able to sleep, but I know it’s because of my work schedule. My body gets confused, and thinks it should be asleep at 11:00am , and 12:00pm . And occasionally, I’ll have a day when I’m just tired regardless of how much I’ve slept the night before. On those days, I’m usually playing catch up from working, and not sleeping. But I still feel like I’m wasting my days sleeping, when I should be doing something more productive. I really don’t know how people work this shift for years on end. I can’t wait until the day I can finally be “normal” and go to sleep when it’s dark, instead of when I sun is coming up. Thankfully, I only work 3 days a week (because I work 12 hour shifts) , and I’m able to sleep a little more regularly on my days off. But there are those occasional nights when I’m wide awake at 0400. Ha. Gotta love those nights.

Anyways, after running some errons in town, I decided to swing by the Antique Schoolhouse, a huge antique mall only a few minutes from home. I’ve been jonesing for a visit, and glad I finally got to go. I just love going through the different rooms, and looking at all the stuff. Some of it is really random, and it makes you wonder how ‘fill-in-the-blank’ item made it 60 years without being tossed in the trash. For example, I was going through some old magazines, and found a sheet of paper that was a Farmer’s Market list from 1895! WOW! I was seriously tempted to buy it, because it was so old! But refrained, because what could I do with it? I did learn that in 1895 you could buy a LOT of fruits and veggies for $4.50. LOL. One of my favorite things to look at is the old books. I just love the way they smell, I know that might sound strange. But, the next time you pick up an old book take a whiff, and you’ll see that I’m right.

I did manage to find a Homer Laughlin teapot that was 60% off, making it only $24. And man alive I was tempted to buy it. I’ve been wanting to start collecting these adorable little teapots since before I could remember. I have plans to display them on top of my kitchen cabinets, after I get married and actually have kitchen cabinets to display them on. Hahaha. Aren’t they just adorable?

My dishes are also the Fiestaware line. The Homer Laughin China Co (the amazing people who make Fiestaware) are located about 10 minutes from my G-parent’s house in Pittsburgh. Oh my, I’m seriously crushing these dishes. I guess I’m really showing my domestic side. My current colors are Shamrock, Peacock, Tangerine, and Scarlett. But who knows, maybe I’ll add a few more in the next year or so. Since I will be heading north for the weekend, I just might have to make a stop to the Factory Outlet store, and purchase my first one. He-he. So excited. Until next time.

Lots O’ love-



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