Valentine’s madness…

It’s Sunday night, and thus ends another fun weekend in London. I have to admit that it gets harder to leave after each visit. But, we have exciting plans for this coming weekend, so it’s just even more to look forward too. 😀

On Friday, we went grocery shopping for the first time together. I’m a big fan of grocery lists, because 1. You don’t forget anything, and 2. It keeps you focused. We went into the store without a game plan, but still managed to find everything we needed for the weekend. Grocery shopping with Jake was fun. And I showed him my random jedi ability to tally up the buggy total in my head. I’m usually within $2, and I was only off by a little over a dollar. Yes, I know…I’m a nerd. Silly little things like that make me look forward to the future. LOL.

After our grocery adventure, Jake made a fantastic dinner that he basically created straight out of his head. We had baked ziti, with italian sausage. Yum-o.

After dinner, we promptly crashed on the couch with Toby, Jake’s dog.  The candle was part of my Valentine’s day present, and it smells like fresh strawberries. Jake also bought me a beautiful key necklace, that I adore. I loved the symbolism behind the “key” necklace, and I haven’t taken it off since he gave it too me. 😀

Saturday morning, I was ready to make a cute heart-shaped breakfast to really kick-off the Valentine’s Day celebrations. Well…true to form, my heart-shaped pancakes were either

1. Burnt, and had to be thrown out, or

2. So misshapen, that I diagnosed with them as having heart murmurs.

When Jake tried his hand at making them, his pancakes were absolutely perfect. I give up attempting to be the cook in this relationship. Jake wins the cook award, I guess I’ll be the baker? 😀 I can totally live with that!

Later, Jake and his friend Travis had a Lodge meeting, so Travis’s girlfriend Amy came over, and we got to relax, and catch up, and made the boys a strawberry cake. After they had finished up at the Lodge, they came home, and kicked us out of the kitchen, to make chicken quesadillas (per my request). It was entertaining watching two grown men cook dinner. We named their “cooking show”  – 2 Men in Khaki’s. I thought it was catchy. Who knows, maybe the Food Network will pick it up! Haha.

All in all, it was a fun weekend. We are taking some friends to Pittsburgh for a visit this weekend. It’s also my Grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration, so I know I’ll have lots of pictures to post. I’m looking forward to showing my friends, the town that I grew up in, and love dearly. I’ve been busy trying to set some sort of schedule, so we can fit in all the major sites, and also enjoy some time with my family. I can’t wait to see my G-parents, and I’m excited to celebrate their 50 years of marriage. They’ve always been such an inspiration, and an example for true love. I’m thankful I can celebrate this milestone with the entire Porter clan, and one special guy who means so very much to me.

That’s all for now. It’s been a tough night in the ER. Busy, busy, busy. That’s all we seem to be lately. Have a great day!

Lot’s O’ Love-



One response to “Valentine’s madness…

  1. I love reading your blogs, Kristen! They’re so fun to look at. 😀

    And he didn’t tell me it was baked ziti. I promise he said “kielbasa”. But it was good, nonetheless, even if it was a short “hello” visit and a quick bite.

    See you soon! Love ya!

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